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 Where passion and skill meet and make beautiful websites…

Shoestring Digital are a Collective of digital and marketing experts, founded to help small businesses be great.

Most of us have been connected and worked together for nearly a decade but as an entity we are new.

We started up in January 2017.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to make the digital landscape more beautiful and usable – one website at a time”.

We love digital

Most of us are employed in digital, IT or marketing roles ‘client side’ and take on work for Shoestring because we love it. This helps to give us variety and keep our skills up to date.

Best of all, it means we can make a real difference for small businesses.

We are able to offer digital marketing expertise that improves the prospects for small businesses at affordable prices.

We are all invested in the success of the Collective

Each member of the Collective is hand-picked and has paid a membership fee to join. By joining each member guarantees their availability when needed and their commitment to do a cracking job.

Over 250 years of experience

As a Collective, we have extensive experience in building and deploying websites. So you’re in safe hands.

A broad range of skills

We have expertise in most digital disciplines across a range of industries. This means we can turn our hand to even the most unusual of projects.

We have passion

We use our expertise and work with passion and energy to create elegant experiences for your customers.

We are different by design

We are really quite different to other companies you will come across. Our difference is by design and we think it makes us better able to service small businesses.

19 heads are better than one

As a Collective we are able to improve upon the ‘one man band’ model where you only get access to a specific skill set. Whilst it keeps costs down, it can be a bit limiting. No one person can be expected to know everything about digital.

Less overheads than an agency

We also believe we have improved upon the agency model. Agencies can have layers of personnel and premises to fund. Those costs can get passed onto their customers. We don’t have any costly overheads, keeping us flexible and affordable.

The spirit of a Collective

Shoestring Digital is a Collective. We share resources not profits. We call on people when we need them, so our overheads are low. This means our broad expertise is affordable for small businesses.
Shoestring Digital Marketing and Website Design and Development

Areas of digital expertise

From marketing consultancy, through to website designs and builds, to brand development and logo design.

We have expertise in a broad range of digital, marketing and IT disciplines.

Get in touch we’d love to help.