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Brand Consultancy in Brighton We'll help you get to the heart of your brand

The importance of brand

The role of your brand is to connect with your desired audience in the right way. It lets customers know what they can expect from your business. 

Once you’ve set those expectations, it’s  important that you can deliver on your brand promises and delight your customers. Every interaction your customers have with your business has to support and build upon that positive image.

We work with you to define the essence of your brand, your key characteristics and the audience you wish to appeal to.

Then we’ll help you to deliver on it.

Brand Consultancy Services Brighton Shoestring Digital

Brand Consultancy Services

Brand Identity

Our team can create a brand identity to articulate your businesses characteristics in a way that connects with your audience. This can include creating the business name, designing a logo, selecting fonts, the colour palette, your tone of voice and imagery.

Logo design

A logo is one of the most important investments your company can make. It is the face of your brand. Your logo has to convey what your business is about, quickly coherently and positively. We’ll work with you to create a logo which gets your customers attention.

Creation of Brand Guidelines

We’ll create Guidelines for you which demonstrate how all the visual elements and tone of voice should be used and how they work together. This gives you a coherent brand identity and helps shape a positive customer experience.

Marketing Collateral

Our experienced designers can create you eye catching business cards, flyers, brochures, banners and all the other marketing materials you need to get your business glowing.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is about helping your brand live up to the expectations it has set. By defining the ways your customers interact with you and the impression that you want to leave, you can deliver positive customer experiences.

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