Areas of digital expertise

We are based in Brighton and have expertise in a broad range of digital, marketing and IT disciplines.

We know you might not need to use all the services we have available. With that in mind we offer the services below on an hourly rate of £40 per hour as well as part of a website build package. See the packages »

Website design and development

We can help you with all aspects of website design and build.

Our talented designers and developers work with a broad range of content management systems (CMS) and platforms. 

Website Design

Our designers will create you something amazing.

Our web designers are responsible for the look and feel and usability of the website. They will select the template, colour palette, imagery, fonts and page layouts to ensure you have a web design that best reflects your business.

If you already have an established brand identity, our designers will work to harmonise with that for your website.

Mobile websites

All of  the websites we develop are ‘responsive’ that means they will respond to the screen size of the device your customer is using. We think this is a fundamental requirement of any site today.

Website development

Web development is the bit that you might not see in a website build.

Our web developers, generally get involved when you need bespoke functionality, such as a shop/e-commerce functionality, intricate contact forms or membership areas.

Our developers can work in php and .net languages and have experience of working with many different platforms. So they’ll be able to help with your more technical requirements.


When we build sites from scratch we advocate WordPress as it is incredibly flexible and easy to manage. Best of all, because it is ‘Open Source’ it is relatively low cost.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Google gets 160 Billion searches per month.  So it is really important that your business is visible and your website can be found via search engines like Google and Bing.

Search engine marketing is one way of improving your visibility.

Content creation and curation

Content is a key part of engaging with your customers and getting your website found by search engines.

Paid search advertising

Paid search advertising, often known as PPC is a fast way of building your brand.

Search engine optimisation

Lots of factors go into getting your site  ranked in search engines. Get found on Google with our best practice approach.

Local search

Dominating local search listings will help to boost your business.

Customer engagement


You’ll know from your physical premises and face to face interactions, that engaging with your customers is really important. Your internet properties and interactions are the same. But because you are removed your digital assets need to work hard for you to achieve that customer engagement.

Brand development

We’ll help you develop your brand personality.

Social media

We’ll help you make the most of Facebook and Twitter.

Customer experience

We put your customers at the heart of our work.

Email marketing

An email programme helps keep you front of mind with your customers.

Ancillary services

We can help you with consultancy, analysis, training, hosting and photography. 


We can do a shoot for you to get your gallery up to scratch.


We can create bespoke training for you based on the content management system we implement. 

Google Analytics

We’ll use insight to design the best customer journey.

Project management

Our project managers make sure everything runs smoothly

Website hosting

We can organise hosting for you with the people who host our site.

Digital consultancy

We offer a free consultancy session to identify what solutions would work best for you.

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