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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) We'll get you glowing

Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Search

We offer a range of search engine optimisation services for small businesses.

Our skills cover a range of disciplines, including technical SEO, Content Marketing, Paid and Local search. We offer a website and competitor audit to determine what improvements will bring more customers to your website.

We’re always happy to implement the changes for you, or to work with you, so that you can do it yourself. We tailor our approach based on your preference and technical know how.

Search Engine Optimisation Audit Brighton - Shoestring Digital

SEO Ranking factors

Your website’s search engine ranking is affected by a number of factors. We’ve listed the top 10 SEO ranking factors below.

  • Security and accessibility of the website
  • Page speed
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Quality of the code
  • Quality of the content
  • Freshness
  • Age of the website
  • Domain authority
  • High quality links
  • User experience

Your website is likely to be doing a few of these things well. However, we can help you get the edge by ensuring you are doing all of them well.

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Our Search Engine Optimisation Services

Search Engine Optimisation Audit 

We’ll carry out an SEO audit to determine which areas we need to boost. 

We review both your own website, your wider digital footprint and competitor analysis as part of our website audit.

This helps us determine what improvements we need to make to drive traffic to your website.

Our competitor analysis identifies any content gaps you may have and what you could do to compete. In addition, we look at search terms that your competitors may not have covered, we leverage those to boost traffic to your website.

Following the site audit, we have range of techniques available to improve your website. For example, we can; amend your website content, improve the quality of the code, ensure everything is correctly labelled for search engines and speed up your website to enhance usability. 

Our work increases traffic to your website from search engines like Google and Bing.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is part of ‘On Site SEO’ and refers to the technical aspects of your website. 

It covers the following areas:

  • Security and accessibility of the website
  • Site architecture
  • Page speed
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Quality of website code / mark-up
  • User experience

In practice we will look at whether your site has a secure certificate – so has HTTPS at the start of your URL, rather than HTTP. We review whether your site has a published sitemap and a clear URL structure. We will link your site to Google Search Console, this helps to improve your search rankings and gives us more data to make decisions with.

We’ll evaluate whether your site is friendly for mobile users and how to enhance the mobile experience. In addition we review how fast the site and pages load and what improvements we can make.

We use a number of tools to evaluate how your site is performing technically and we have the skills to deliver the improvements. This results in increased traffic to your website.

Website content and content marketing

Content is a really important part of any website both from a usability and SEO perspective.

Our Copywriters will craft content for you that speaks to your website visitors. This ensures your content is engaging, hits the right note and is easy to understand.

We follow best practice techniques. Our content is beautifully balanced with search engine optimisation, readability and customer experience in mind.

Paid Search

Paid Search refers to advertising on search engines (like Google and Bing) and allows you pay to appear in the search results for words and phrases relevant to your business.

You only pay when a customer clicks on your advert. This is known as a Pay Per Click (PPC) model of advertising. This offers a measurable and relatively controllable form of marketing compared to more traditional forms.

When you participate in paid search you are entering an auction for the keywords you would like to be shown for. The position you appear in the search results is determined by how competitive that term is – so how many other people are bidding on that term and how much they are prepared to pay. The maximum amount you pay for the click is set during the campaign set up. This control over budget is a big part of the appeal.

We can determine which search terms will give you best value for money, set up your account and campaigns. We’ll then write the adverts and get you up and running. This will result in more customers visiting your website.

Local Search

Google support describes this as, “Local results appear for people who search for businesses and places near their location. They’re shown in a number of places across Maps and Search.” Local Search is important as very often people are looking for a business near them to transact with there and then. Companies making use of Local Search and that have a wider digital footprint, out perform the competition.

There is a good deal of advice and support from Google on this if you wish to do it yourself.  We can set everything up for you if you prefer, to make sure you start out on a good footing.

Securing your website

Migrating from HTTP to HTTPs is well worth it. Having a secure website (HTTPs) sends positive signals to your customers and to search engines that your site is trustworthy and safe to use.

We’ll ensure that getting a secure certificate and migrating your site to HTTPs is straightforward.

Migrating to HTTPs requires a little expertise, to ensure that everything is done in the right order and that all the necessary redirects are in place This is a key factor in maintaining your search engine rankings.

We’ve helped lots of people to do this, so you can relax, you’re in safe hands.

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